HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .Net

No Image HTML to Word, HTML to RTF, HTML to DOC in C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Silverlight, SharePoint. The component enables any .Net application to convert URL, HTML, ASPX to Word, RTF, DOC and Text, merge RTF files. Works in .Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Medium Trust level, 32-bit, 64-bit apps. The library is completely created in 100% C#, absolutely standalone, has own HTML parser and RTF creator. It converts HTML to RTF with full CSS, tables, formatting.

HtmlList Html Editor 1.12: A basic free html editor.
HtmlList Html Editor 1.12

HtmlList Html Editor is a simple html editor that provides the basic features for editing web pages. HtmlList Html Editor`s main feature is that it gives you the ability to quickly switch among more than one html document. When you open an html document, it will list all the other html documents and web pages in that folder. In addition, it also has the little wizards that easily allow you to insert images, text links, and images with text li

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CSE HTML Validator Lite 12.0020: FREE fast offline HTML editor and syntax checker
CSE HTML Validator Lite 12.0020

HTML Validator Lite is a fast, easy to use, and FREE (for personal and educational use) HTML development tool for Microsoft Windows that helps you create problem-free HTML (including HTML5) and XHTML documents. You`ll be surprised how many problems may exist in your HTML, even if it was made with a WYSIWYG editor or automatic HTML generator. CSE HTML Validator will help you locate and fix problems so that your documents are more likely to display

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for Windows Help Designer/HtmlHelp 3.8.7

HTML Help systems. With WHD for Microsoft HTML Help, you do not need to know anything about HTML Help to easily create Help systems in this new format. WHD for Microsoft HTML Help provides all the power to create sophisticated HTML Help systems for application Help. WHD for Microsoft HTML Help fully supports the complete array of HTML Help features and the compiled HTML Help format, allowing you to maximize all the power of the new HTML Help format

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HTML Security - LockLizard Protector 2.07: HTML security. Secure html, protect web pages, protect images - DRM encryption
HTML Security - LockLizard Protector 2.07

HTML security. Secure html, protect web pages, and protect images with DRM encryption. Protect html web pages from unauthorized copying, printing and distribution. Stop copying and sharing. Determine if you content can be printed and if so, how many times. Control how long your content can be viewed and instantly revoke access at any stage. Encrypt html with AES encryption for the ultimate html protection. No useless html password protection (so

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HTML Text Extractor 1.5: Simply extract HTML and Text from any webpage, even protected pages
HTML Text Extractor 1.5

HTML that`s been encrypted then this application is a must. HTML Text Extractor is the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage. - Easily extract HTML code and Text from any webpage - Extract HTML from webpages that have "View Source" disabled - Easily cut through pages that have been protected or encrypted with HTML locking programs - Simple to use - Extraction happens as you surf - Select unselectable Text -

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Clear HTML Tags  1.0: Clear HTML tags for print or reusable integration.
Clear HTML Tags 1.0

ClearHTMLTags is used to convert HTML into text while clearing specific HTML tags. You just copy HTML data to clear, paste into the input area, specify which tags you want to delete, click the "Clear HTML" button, and all converted data has been copied into clipboard. There is an option to show URL of tag and as text, which is an ideal feature for HTML file printing. You can also select to erase useless properties for all HTML tags.

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